Reclaim Your Life

Are your pain and symptoms interfering with your work, family and social life?

Are you sick of doctors and specialists not listening to you?

Do you want a long term solution for your headaches and migraines that actually works?

Bayside Headache Clinic uses the Watson Headache Approach to accurately assess and successfully treat the pain and symptoms of headache and migraine.

Our unique 3 stage programme gives you certainty that our treatment is working for you.

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Take the Test

The HIT-6 is a scientifically validated test that allows you to accurately assess the impact your headaches or migraines are having on your life and your ability to function.

The HIT-6 was developed by a team of headache experts from neurology and primary care medicine.

To see how big an impact your headaches or migraines are having on your life press on the photo below to take the test.

Our Guarantee.

At Bayside Headache Clinic we have a 2 part guarantee

  1. We will not treat you unless we can demonstrate to you at your initial appointment that your necks involved.
  2. If after your initial block of 4 follow sessions you have not experienced significant change to your symptoms we will not book any further treatment sessions.

Watch our video to learn more.