Headache or Brain Tumour?

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Do you have a regular headache or could it be a brain tumour? When should you be concerned? When should you request a brain scan from your GP?

Why Do We Get Headache and Migraines?

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Where do headaches and migraines come from and why do we get them? New research tells us the answer lies in the brainstem!

Menstrual Migraine.

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Why do some women experience menstrual migraine and other don't. What is it about hormone changes that trigger a migraine for some women?

Is My Neck Involved?

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A lot of people feel that their neck is involved in their headaches or migraines because they get neck pain before or during an attack. What about the 30% of people who get no neck pain - could it still be involved?

Do You Get Migraines?

Not sure if you get headaches or migraines. Read this article to find out more.

Medication Overuse Headache

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Are you taking too much over the counter or prescription medication? Which medications can make your headaches and migraines worse?

Causes Versus Triggers

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What causes migraines and what are triggers for migraines? You might be surprised to learn they are not the same thing at all.

What Does The Brainstem Do?

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The brainstem has many functions - including hosting the headache centre. What else does it do and why does that explain many of the other symptoms people get with the head pain?

Cluster Headaches


What are cluster headaches and why are they sometimes known as "suicide headaches"?

Meet Jenny!


Jenny is a patient at Bayside Headache Clinic. This is her story of over 50 years of headaches and migraines that are now under control.

Common Migraine Medications

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There are 2 types of medications used for migraines, those that try to prevent an attack from occurring and those that stop an acute attack.