Meet Jenny!

Not very long ago Jenny was just like you.

She suffered from frequent migraines and headaches. She had periods where the headaches and migraines lasted for 3 weeks straight without a break.

Then at other times she could go 3 weeks without any head pain at all.

When it struck her head pain varied from 3/10 in intensity to 10/10 in intensity, but the average was about 8/10.

Jenny was also having what we call associated features.

These were:

  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Occasional loss of vision with intense pain
  • Some nausea and very occasional vomiting
  • Word finding problems and dizziness.

Jenny’s pain started when she was 13 years old after a nasty accident where she fractured her skull and was in a coma for 11 days and unconscious for 15 days.

Jenny is now 64 and her head pain had been slowly increasing with time.

Jenny had tried seeing a chiropractor and a Chinese herbalist and had undergone lots of tests over the years with no clear answer as to why she was getting her headaches and migraines.

Then Jenny found Bayside Headache Centre!

Despite being told by multiple medical experts that nothing could be done to fix her headaches and migraines, jenny now has only occasional headaches that she can control herself (and no migraines).

Her head is clearer and she is able to start enjoying some of the old activities she used to avoid (although rock concerts still set her off).

Jenny has had less than 10 sessions at Bayside Headache Clinic.

If you want to be like Jenny and get freedom from your headaches and migraines you can call us on 0423 071 971 or fill out the form below to request a free phone consultation.

Please note:

While Jenny’s name and image have been changed to protect her real identity. Her symptoms and the result she achieved are real.