Stage 1 - Assessment

Your assessment consultation last for 90 minutes and includes several vital steps.

  • Information gathering
  • Safety Testing
  • Physical examination
  • Treatment
  • Explanation of findings

Information Gathering

We will gather a full history of your headaches or migraines, triggers, duration, frequency, intensity, medications, other symptoms and medical history.

Safety Testing

We will test the vertebral arteries and the stability ligaments and structures of the upper neck to make sure there are no structural issues to be taken into account during your physical examination and treatment.

Physical Examination

We will examine the upper 3 levels of the neck looking for a common, but often ignored, mechanical problem in the area.

We will also specifically and individually stress individual joints in your upper neck to reproduce the pain you normally feel with your headache or migraine.


We then treat you to correct the mechanical problem found in the physical examination and start to desensitise the joints referring pain to your head.


Having completed all this we then offer a comprehensive explanation of what is causing your headaches or migraines, how it is causing your pain and what we can do about it


If I can not demonstrate to you clearly during your initial appointment that your headache or migraine is coming from your neck, I will not book you any more appointments.

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