Stage 2 - Initial Block Of Treatment

Your initial block of treatment consists of 4 appointments over 2 weeks, and then a re-assessment.

The Appointments

The main goal during your appointments over these 2 weeks is to get the mechanical problem in your upper neck under control.

It is this mechanical problem that is creating continuous information to be sent up to our brainstem. This makes the brainstem hyper-sensitive and over-reactive, and primed to give you a headache or migraine.

If we can get it  under control then in the vast majority of cases we will achieve an excellent result  with your pain significantly reducing or going away completely.

These appointments need to be close together. If we space them too far apart we do not get any permanent change in the mechanical problem and have to start from scratch again every time you come in.

If we see you 2 times a week for 2 weeks in the vast majority of cases we can get it under control.

The Re-Assessment.

After these 4 sessions we will then re-assess your symptoms and any changes that have occurred in the pattern of your pain.

If things are going well then we will start to move to step 3 and space out appointments.

If we can't be sure because you may go 6 weeks between attacks then we might send you home to see if one of your regular triggers still sets you off. So if red wine is always a trigger for a migraine I would ask you to have some red wine and see how you react.

If your pain is unchanged then  we will book no more appointments after these sessions, discuss other treatment options and I will write a letter to your GP with any suggestions and ask  him / her  to help you find the appropriate person to help you.

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