Stage 3 - Spacing Out

Having completed your initial assessment and block of 4 follow up sessions you should be seeing some positive change in your symptoms.

The mechanical problem in your upper neck should be under control and the joints that refer pain to your head should be becoming less sensitive.

Now we start to space out your appointments.

  • Firstly to a week
  • Then to a fortnight
  • Then a month

During this stage you can expect to have 3-4 sessions if your treatments follow  the regular course. Sometimes people take less and sometimes they take more but most of our clients only need 3-4 sessions and their  treatment is complete.

Do People Need To Come Back?

Sometimes people need to come in for an occasional "tune up".

You would only come to see us if your pain is increasing again. In these cases it usually only takes 1-3 sessions to get things back under control again.

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